Wintersport 2009 Bobby and Beau Dynamique were invited by  Abbaio en Goolgle


On the 12th of August 2007 we had a reunion of the A litter of Bente x Opal.

Bente in the middle, left Alucio Bennett and on the right Abbaio


Also the puppy's and owners of  ZoŽ x Opal were there.





Timber and Pebbles together being lazy.

Will anyone tickle my tummy?



Pebbles is certainly waterproof!! It is wonderful playing outside after a little rain.



               Timber loves riding Tijmen together with Kelly.  Bente is already a pro!  



September 2006, a beautiful late summersday asks for a visit to the beach.


                                             Kelly with one of her inventions.

                                            As usual the dogs like it very much.