Our Dogs



Timber ( pedigree name: Azuoli des magnolias blancs)

With Timber it all started. After the death of our two dogs, a Saint Bernard and a Bobtail, we were looking for a small companion dog. We fell in love with the Bolognese, and pretty soon we went to Belgium, to get Timber. Timber is a male Bolognese, and a full brother of Aziza (multi champion). We fell in love with him at first sight and later on we only became more enthusiastic about this breed. So, it didn’t take long for us to decide, to acquire another Bolognese.

Timber can't have enough Bologese around him, the more the better seems to be it for him.He is at his best among them. When they now and then are playing wildly in the house it mostley seems to be Timber who started it, he can enjoy that so much!!  Timber is not being used for breeding.

Click here for Timber's pedigree.



Bente (pedigree name: Farina von Ajaccio)

This second pup was the bitch Bente. She comes from the kennel ‘von Ajaccio’ from Germany. She developed from a cheerful pup into an extra ordinary gay dog, with which we can play for ours. She successfully passed the obedience course (4th best of her class), and now we take her weekly to agility, which she enjoys very much. 

She is always in for a game or to fetch a ball. But when we don’t want to play, she is the greatest cuddle of all.

Possessing such a lovely dogs, of such a lovely breed, we decided on breeding with Bente.

For starting with that we wanted to know for sure if she was good enough to breed with and to add something good to this breed. Therefore we took her to shows. On her first show, she got CAC, CACIB, and BOB, so we decided we could take her to some more shows. In the first four Dutch shows we visited she managed to get her Dutch Championship. You can find the results on the page showresults.

Bente has had two litters, we are not breeding with her anymore.

Click here for Bente's pedigree.


The pedigreename of Pebbles is Aksa and she is from the Tsjech Republik kennel Od Ceske Lipy. 

Click here for Pebbles pedigree

Tom who always wanted to have a puppy of Bente had his arms wide open for Pebbles. He is very happy with his Bolognes. Pebbles has grown out to be a Teddy boy, she is not really lady like. She is not afraid of water, rans straight through the puddle. A long walk, a game, especially with a bal, you can invite her for everything. Getting dirty is no problem! Pebbles likes to get her share of attention. In the group she likes to get the attention at first, that she makes very clear.  But on the other side, she can wait for her turn very nicely when she is asked to do so. She gives herself completely if she is hugged, she loves that! She is a very specific dog! She really is Tom's dog!


For Gaya we had to wait a wile. She supposed to come to us sooner, because we wanted a puppy from the Jizeska line very much, but Kevin, the father is already a bit old and the mating wasn't always succesfull for that reason. The mating for this one did not succeed. But now we were more lucky. There were born two bitches and two males. We had first choice, so we choose Gaya. Her sister Gwynn we brought to the breeder of  Bente in Germany. Her brother Google is now keeping Abbaio company in the Netherlands and her other brother Giggles is with a breeder in the Tsjech Republic. Her full name is Gaya Blanc Jizerska Protez. De grandfather of Bente is the father of Gaya. Gaya is a very sweet dog. From the time we got her she has been very easy, everything is allright by her. She isn't afraid of anything and is very good socialized. A perfect dog!! Pebbles is great friend, those two play a lot togther. They are a couple of bandits when they think to be strong together. Gaya is a very mobile dog, she can run very fast and jumps on everything. She is a small, but promesing dog,  I am curious what she will bring us. Her brother Google has grown out a bit bigger, he is becoming a very fine male and real promise  for the future. Now that Chanel has acompanied us, Gaya can pick out wiht whom she wants to play, becuase she has also become a great friend of hers. Gaya is fond of every man and animal, totaly not afraid of anything ore anybody, she is very playfull and likes all sorts of attention.


Beau Magnifique (Bobby) and Beau Dynamique 'van het Balgzand'

Beau Dynamique (on the right) is a quiet, controled dog, she looks a lot like her mother. , thoughtfull, clear, very sweet and hugable. She likes playing with the others, but she does not need them necessarily, she can enjoy hersef by herslef very good. when you see a ball coming through the air, she is certainly coming after it. She trhows it high herself and try's to catch it. She loves to be outside, even hen it rains, it doesn'' bother her. She is often a bit backstage, but she looks after it that she will not be forgotten. When dinner is served, she is in the frontline!!  (to the left) Beau Magnifique (Bobby) is a proud and sturdy dog, but he likes to come to you for his hugs. Bobby is the opposite of Beau Dynamique when it is about getting attention, he is very directed on people and is rather being amused by them than that he is amusing himself. But he likes it in the group as well.He is a very loyal dog. It is a pity that we can not breed with them both, for they have a teeth defect, but for us they aren't worth anything less, they are a great tribute to the whole family.

Chanel Canis Bohemia

Chanel is a beautiful dog from the Czech Repulic, which is given in our hands by  kennel Canis Bohemia. We brought her  to Holland at 8 December. Chanel is from lines that are new in Holland and they are certainly a profit for the breeding of Bolgonese in the Netherlands We had to wait for her a while, because a former litter was all spoken for already., so we hoped there would be a female dog in the next litter. We were lucky, there were born two of them.Chanel is a very sweet dog, she was more than welcomed by the other dogs. She likes to sleep together with them in a basket., but she can also challenge, she makes herself clear. She also can make us very clear when she thinks it is her turn. a very lovely huggybear! Chanel is a cheerful dog, who listens very well and is in balance between attention for man and animal. Chanel could be in the circus right away, she can stand on her back feeth very good and when dinner is served, she jumps very high to reach it to et it sooner. But we rather keep her for ourselfs!!


Bellissibolo Adriana

Adriana came to us from Hungary. Her father is a brother of Predatino Bengi who lived with us for the time that was needed to import him into the UK. Bengi is also the father of some of our pups. Adriana's father is a World Champion. Her brother came with us to the Netherlands and lives now in a very nice family in the eastern part of the Netherlands.  Adriana is very much attached to our family and some times a little jalouse. She seems to think that all the attention is for her. But of course, we divide our attention among all our dogs, she will have to get used to that. She likes to play with all teh dogs and especially with the puppies. She is a very fast runner.

Hope van het Balgzand


Hope is a puppy from the last litter from Chanel, she is to stay with us. She is a wonderful dog, very cheerful, free, happy and curious.Hope is the kind of dog where it all seems to go natural and easy. Very stable like her mother. When she meets someone new, her tale waggles like mad and the looks she will give you makes you melt. Hope is friends with every dog, small and big and also with people. Of course is she a real Bolognese and a little shy in the beginning, but when you are her friend it is for ever.



Hunky-Dory FS Prince Charming

Sudden (how we call him) came to us in July 2014. He comes from the breeders Fredrika and Lotten Rönquist from Sweden. We are very happy that they trusted us with this very lovely and sweet boy. Sudden is a lovley dog, playfull, likes attention, watches us wherever we go, but can also play very well on his own. An easy dog. Sudden is friends with all the dogs here, he integerated very well in the group, but his favorites are Hope and Adriana. Logic beacuse they are the young ones and always in for a play. But he is also able to get the a bit older ones to move. We hope of course that Sudden can beomce our stud dog in the future. It looks very promising.